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Caringbah is one the nicest southern suburbs in Cronulla to raise a family. There are heaps of things to do in the area especially if you like water activities. Sandy beaches and fishing is what the area is best known for.

On the weekends many locals and other Sydneysiders flock to the area to enjoy what we have. With this higher amount of traffic it has led to an increase in the pests we see.

For example, people having picnics and eating outdoors has led to the rise in rat numbers we see. They quickly swarm on any food that is dropped and can become a nuisance.

This is why locals in the area may need more pest control services than normal to keep the numbers under control.

Jim’s Pest Control Caringbah common pests

Our local business owners see a wide range of pest in the area. Due to our sandy soils, we often see ants in abundance during the summer months. During the winter months these ants often seek shelter in homes and businesses in the area.

Termites are quite common and plenty of homes in the area only discover termites once the damage has been done. This is why it is really important that you have an annual termite inspection performed by a licensed technician.

Waterways increase insect activity

We are all drawn to the area because of the great waterways that we have. Insects are drawn here for the same reasons.

The stagnant water is the ideal environment for flies and mosquitoes to breed in. During the summer months their numbers can explode.

Not many locals think much of this, they just stay inside after dark. However, the large numbers of insects draw predators like spiders in to feed on the abundant food source. In turn theses spiders will breed up in vast numbers and the overflow can travel into people’s homes.

Once they become visible, Cronulla locals know who to call. Jim’s Pest Control Caringbah will have a solution for you that will fit any budget.

Meet our local business owner

George Fedes owns and runs our local business in Caringbah. He has spent much of his time in the area and really enjoys catching up with friends and family when he is not working.

You will quite often spot George when he is working in the area. He is an extremely approachable technician so if you have a question about pests, please feel free to approach him. George is only too willing to educate people about pests and how they work.

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