Do you hear mice in roof cavities? Jim’s is the local expert that can help. Our techs servicing Sydney and NSW are experienced, fully trained, and insured. You can trust the Jim’s name to help you with any pest problem.

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Small rodents living in your roof can be difficult pests to get rid of. Just placing baits in the roof may not be enough to get rid of them.

Their constant scratching and squealing can be annoying. It can be extremely upsetting when this occurs in the middle of the night. Many a sleepless night has been the result of these noisy pests.

It may surprise you that we receive calls almost every night from distressed Sydneysiders.

Mice in roof problems

Mice in roof can be tricky to treat

Most people think that treating a simple mouse problem in a roof would be easy to fix. However, they soon discover that it is quite hard to get control of.

Just placing baits or snap traps will often not work. You really need to understand their behaviour to achieve the desired results.

This is where the local Jim’s Pest Control tech has a distinct advantage over you. They have been dealing with roof-living rodents for many years. And, knowing that what works for rats, won’t work for their smaller cousins comes down to experience.

Mice will tend to occupy a small area of a roof void, and this area can be as small as a couple of meters. Unlike other pests who will move about the whole roof void, these smaller rodents do not display this type of behaviour.

Instead, a mouse will only move from its hiding spot in search of food. The areas they will search will be your kitchen and outside gardens.

Unless you apply baits or traps directly to the area your mouse family is living, treatments are likely to fail.

Yummy food these pests want to eat

It is important to the success of any mouse treatment, that a yummy food source be provided. When you engage a professional like Jim’s, highly desirable baits will be used.

These baits have been extensively tested to ensure mice will crave them. They have even been tested against other products on the market. Mice will crawl over these products to get a desirable bait.

This gives our technicians the confidence that we will be able to get mice infestations, under control quickly.

Annoying Mice

Having an arsenal of bait available

From our experience there is no one rodent bait that will fix all mice problems. Just like humans’, mice will have different tastes.

For this reason, our local Sydney techs will carry a range of baiting products. They may even elect to use two different types of baits on a site. This allows us to cater for the individual mice tastes.

Having this arsenal of bait available is the main reason why we can deliver outstanding results for our clients.