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Penrith is a great part of New South Wales to live in. We are very close to the city of Sydney but just far enough away to escape the rat race.

There are some fantastic attractions in the area like the Cables Wake Park. Close by you will find the Great River Walk, which runs along the banks of the Nepean River.

On the weekends this area is used by locals enjoying picnicking in the park or walking around the river. A large number of pests are attracted to this area as well.

A local pest control provider like Jim’s knows what pests are lurking nearby.

Jim’s Pest Control Penrith – firsthand knowledge

Jim’s has been servicing the Penrith area since 2011. During this time we have developed a deep understanding of the pests that locals are likely to come across.

For instance did you know that there is a large possum population on the banks of the Nepean River? These possums nibble on the fresh shoots and flowers on trees. In summertime they will invade backyards to feast on fruits.

Possums are not the only pests to call this area home. Rats and mice are abundant in the area and will often be spotted feeding on dropped food.

This can become a real problem for homes close to these feeding areas. These pests will often seek shelter in businesses and homes close by. With an abundant food source close by they will rapidly build up in numbers.

Only a local like Jim’s Pest Control Penrith has this knowledge. This enables our technicians to be able to deliver superior result for our clients.

Flies and mosquitoes invade Penrith homes in summer

The warm summer weather signals locals to crank up the BBQ. It’s a great time of the year to spend outside. Pest get excited as well as the warm weather means the breeding season has arrived.

Mosquitoes and flies will start to hatch and breed on the first couple of warm days. They breed millions and their vast numbers often make it unpleasant to be outside.

It is almost impossible to keep these insects outside and they will often invade homes. There is nothing worse than trying to sleep on a hot summer’s night while hearing a buzzing noise.

Our pest control technicians in Penrith have been specifically trained in fly and mosquito treatments. We are the experts that locals trust to keep their homes pest free.

Meet your local business owner

Steve Dawes is your local Jim’s Pest Control Penrith business owner. He has been extensively trained in all aspects of pest control. If you have rats, termites, possums, spiders, birds in fact just about any pest, Steve will have a cost effective solution for you.

He has live in Penrith for all of his life and knows all the hidden gems in the area.

Customers love the fact that Steve is a local and has a great understanding of the pests we see in our community.

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