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Jim’s has been exterminating mice and other pests since 2010. Most of our technicians have been in the industry for a lot longer than that.

In this time, we have seen some huge changes in the industry. Our industry is becoming more aware of our environment. We have developed better products that deliver more effective results.

Previous we use horrible bitter rodent baits. They were bitter to discourage other animals and people from eating them.

Just as it discourages us from eating it, rodents did not consume it either. This is the reason why so many rodent treatments would fail in the past.

The undesirable baits are still available at your local supermarket or hardware store. You can easily spot them as they have a dark blue colour.

Mice Exterminator

Jim’s mice exterminator techs use only palatable baits

Many people wonder why a mice exterminator can deliver exceptional results. The secret is that they have products that are not available to the public.

Manufacturers are now moving towards more palatable baits. They realise that if the mice have a yummy food source, they are more likely to eat if over a poorer tasting bait.

For example, if a rodent is eating chocolate, then a bitter grain bait is not appealing. However, if you introduce a chocolate base bait, it will be readily consumed. Yes, pest controllers do have access to a chocolate-based bait for these situations.

The latest baits on the market are soft pasta baits. They have a beautiful fragrance that attracts the mice. Often when these baits are applied the mice and rats will gorge themselves on it.

Your local Jim’s Pest Control technician uses only the most up-to-date palatable baits.

How do mice enter your home or business?

Mice can access your home or business through the smallest of holes. If you pick up a pencil and make a list of all the wholes that it will fit into. You know have a list of where a mouse can access your home or business.

Your local mice exterminator will be able to add to your list. Areas like where gas lines come through the wall, are locations which you would not have thought of.

Mice love these gas lines as they run directly from the roof void. All they do is follow this line and it will lead them to the gold mine of food, being your kitchen.

Clients think our Jim’s Pest Control technicians are psychic when they ring up about mice running around their kitchen. The first thing our tech says is “I’m guessing your have gas hot plates or a gas oven”. The reply is usually, “how did you know”.

It is only from vast experience that allows us to know how mice enter a home or business. Therefore, Jim’s is the mice exterminator experts that locals trust, will get the issues resolved quickly.


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