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North Manly is an awesome part of Sydney to live in. The drive in though Mosman to Manly can be quite congested especially when you are in peak hour traffic, but the destination is worth it.

Most houses in the area are built on solid sandstone and some even seem to cling to the cliffs. While we build our homes here with little regards for pests.

Pests have been a part of the landscape for almost as long as we have been here. With people moving to the area, it has presented opportunities for them to breed up in significant numbers.

Pests fear Jim’s Pest Control North Manly

When you think about pest control what immediately comes to mind is a man in overalls soaking chemical everywhere. While this use to be the norm, pest control like all other industries has come ahead in leaps and bounds.

Today we tend to use targeted treatments that no longer kill everything. If you have an ant problem then we have a specific treatment that will eliminate them.

If you have a spider issue, then we have some long-lasting products that can offer months of protection.

Even when we treat for rodents these days, we have some very palatable baits that the rats and mice cannot resist. It might surprise you to learn that we even have chocolate and pasta baits available. We find that the more palatable the bait, better the results we can deliver to our clients.

This is why pests now fear residents who call in Jim’s Termite & Pest Control North Manly.

Technicians receive 24-hour support

Often pests will do something that is unexpected or the pest itself will look different. This is where a quick phone call and sent photo to a senior expert places Jim’s technicians at a distinct advantage.

Our senior experts make themselves available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to answer any queries. Often these questions just confirm what the technician was thinking, but on the odd occasion even the experts can be surprised.

Customers just love the fact that they have two experts working on their pest issues.

Meet your local business owner

Sam Garman, over the years has serviced many clients on the Northern Beaches of Sydney. He is very passionate about his clients and will not rest until the pests have been eliminated to his client’s satisfaction.

He is a family man and prides himself of his workmanship. In his spare time, he likes to visit his parents and family. Spending time in the local community is also one of his favourite things to do and you can sometimes catch him having a coffee at a local small business.

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