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Rats are sensitive creatures and do not like new things in their environment. If a new object is place where they would normally run, they will tend to avoid the area.

So, it sounds like all you must do is to constantly introduce new items to get them under control. This is not the case as they will soon get use to them.

The rough time it will take them to get use to an item is around 21 days.

Many people will try to tackle rats themselves with store brought baits. Rats are quite smart and are likely to have seen the baits before. They may even had developed a tolerance to them.

Once a yard or home has become overrun with rats, then a rat exterminator like Jim’s will need to be called.

Rat Exterminator

Do rat exterminator baits work?

A professional rat exterminator has access to baits which are only available to licensed technicians. They are not available to the public.

Manufacturers are always introducing new baiting products into the industry. They understand that a professional rat exterminator needs access to baits that work. This is particularly important in the food supply industry.

In the food industry rats can be a real problem. Due to strict hygiene standards, rats must be dealt with effectively. Huge efforts are put into bait development for this sector.

The great news for our Jim’s Pest Control clients is that we can use the same baits in their premises. This allows us to deliver outstanding results compared to store brought products.

We are now the go-to local experts when it comes to rat extermination.

European rat problems are signs of things to come

In Europe rats are becoming a huge issue. As everyone has had access to rat baits, and they have been overused. This has resulted in rats develop a resistance to these products.

It now means that rats in Europe can eat rodent bait will little to no effect. This has led to the streets being overrun by these pests.

To combat this, rodent bait can now only purchase in pre-loaded bait stations and in limited numbers. All other baits are only available to responsible pest control providers.

Australia is heading in the same direction. In fact, Sydney is well known to have a thriving rat population. They are becoming increasingly resistant to the products available at hardware stores and supermarkets.

Trailing and testing of new rodent control products

At Jim’s we are concerned with rats becoming resistant. Therefore, we are constantly trailing the very latest products from suppliers.

Some of the new products we have tested are soft pasta baits, chocolate baits. It is interesting what formulations supply companies are coming up with.

This is the reason why Jim’s is now fast becoming the experts in relation to rat extermination.


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