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Blood curdling screams are often heard in Sydney when someone discovers a huntsman spider.

They are very scary looking with big hairy legs and a large body. It is just not the thing you want to see when you turn the light on in the middle of the night.

They are a nocturnal spider, which hide away during the day. If they do venture out in daylight they are quickly gobbled up by birds.

Most people fear them due to their large size. They are however harmless and pose no real threat to humans.

How to get rid of Huntsman spiders yourself

Huntsman spiders are extremely easy to get rid of. As they are harmless, capturing them in a clean container is the quickest way.

Simply place the container over the spider and slip a piece of paper under their feet. This encourages them into the contain. The capture spider can then be release in the outside environment.

It is recommended to place them on a tree that has loose bark. This is their natural habitat and they will quickly find a new home.

For some clients, the prospect of catching a spider is terrifying. As silly as it sounds in some case people will even call Jim’s Pest Control to have this spider removed.

Our technicians will recommend that a general pest spray be done to keep these spiders out.

Why do huntsman spiders come inside?

Huntsman Spiders come inside homes for a variety of reasons. They are often seeking shelter and a stable environment. Inside, they find protection from extreme weather conditions and predators. Additionally, homes offer a plentiful supply of insects, providing a consistent food source.

In areas like Sydney and its suburbs, where Huntsman Spiders are prevalent, finding them indoors is not uncommon, particularly during hot or wet weather.

If you have concerns about Huntsman Spiders in your home, calling a professional service at 131 546 can be a wise choice.

Grandmother terrified by a spider staring at her

One of the most concerning call outs a local Jim’s Pest Control tech received was from a grandmother. This elderly lady had called, as she had a huntsman spider above her bed.

The spider had been there since the previous day. What was concerning was that the elderly lady had not sleep since she discovered her visitor.

She had made enquiries late on Sunday afternoon. We were able to dispatch a tech straight away to attend site, and the spider was removed unharmed and placed into the garden.

To ensure her fury friend would not return the tech performed a quick outside general pest treatment.

The elderly lady was so relieved that we were able to help her.


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Huntsman Spider

The Intriguing Dance of Life: The Huntsman Spider’s Cycle

Welcome to the fascinating world of the Huntsman Spider! This impressive creature, often seen in Sydney and nearby suburbs, has a life cycle that’s as mesmerizing as its appearance. Fasten your seatbelts, we’re diving into an enthralling exploration of this misunderstood arachnid.

From the moment a Huntsman Spider is born, life is a thrilling journey. Eggs are laid in a silken sac. There, they remain protected until hatching. Once hatched, spiderlings venture out into the unknown.

In the early stages, these tiny creatures are vulnerable. Predators lurk, but they have an instinct for survival. They begin to grow rapidly. Each stage of growth requires a molt. Molt after molt, they develop into juveniles.

In this phase, Huntsman Spiders begin to resemble adults. They still have some growing to do, however. Exploration and hunting skills are honed during this time.

The surroundings of Sydney are full of opportunities and challenges. They learn to catch prey, escape danger, and find shelter. The cycle of molting continues.

Reaching adulthood is a significant milestone. Huntsman Spiders now fully grown, roam with confidence. The males, in particular, start to wander in search of mates.

Females, on the other hand, find suitable locations for their egg sacs. Motherhood becomes a primary focus. They fiercely guard their eggs, displaying an unwavering dedication.

The mating process is an intricate dance. Males must approach females cautiously. Miscommunication can lead to trouble. Yet, when successful, the process is beautiful to behold.

After mating, the female lays her eggs. She then guards them tirelessly. Her mission is to ensure the survival of the next generation. Sydney and its suburbs become home to countless new spiderlings.

The life span of a Huntsman Spider is intriguingly diverse. Males live a shorter life, often just one year. Females, on the other hand, may live up to two years.

Even in death, the legacy continues. The cycle repeats. New generations thrive and contribute to the ecosystem.

The eggs remain in the sac for about three weeks before hatching.

They molt multiple times, depending on their growth rate and species.

Mating typically occurs in sheltered, dark locations around Sydney and its suburbs.

A female can lay hundreds of eggs in a single sac.

No, males do not participate in caring for the young.

They eat smaller insects, gradually moving to larger prey as they grow.

Observing from a safe distance is key. If you need assistance or advice about removing these harmless spiders, call 131 546.

Huntsman FAQs

What is a Huntsman Spider?

A Huntsman Spider is a large, common spider found in Australia. Known for its size, it's frequently spotted in Sydney and surrounding suburbs.

Are Huntsman Spiders dangerous?

Though intimidating, Huntsman Spiders are not considered harmful to humans. Bites are rare and typically cause minor discomfort.

Where are Huntsman Spiders commonly found?

In Sydney and its suburbs, these spiders are prevalent in gardens, homes, and wooded areas. They favour dark, sheltered spots.

How can I identify a Huntsman Spider?

Identifying features include a flat body, long legs, and a brownish hue. Their leg span can reach up to 15 centimetres.

What do Huntsman Spiders eat?

They mainly prey on insects. Huntsman Spiders are agile hunters that actively chase down their food.

How can I safely remove a Huntsman Spider from my home?

Using a glass and paper, gently trap the spider. Carefully release it outside. In Sydney, professional removal services are also available.

Why are Huntsman Spiders so common around Sydney?

Sydney's climate and urban environment are ideal for Huntsman Spiders. Their prevalence in the area is due to these favourable conditions.

Do Huntsman Spiders build webs?

Unlike other spiders, Huntsman Spiders don't build webs. They rely on speed and stealth to catch their prey.

Can Huntsman Spiders help with pest control?

Absolutely. They feed on insects, including pests. Therefore, having them around can reduce the number of unwanted insects in your home.

Why do huntsman spiders come inside?

Huntsmans come inside homes for a variety of reasons, such as seeking shelter and a stable environment. Inside, they find protection from extreme weather conditions and predators, plus a consistent food source.