Fortunately, whilst searching for pest control Kellyville, you have landed on this page. Jim’s Pest Control in Kellyville is run by a local small business operator who has been tackling pests in the area for years.

He is the person most locals trust to get their pest control needs met.

If you are in need of professional expert advice then just call us on 131546 for friendly and professional service.

Our local Jim’s pest professional has been part of the Kellyville community for years. He has worked and lived in the community with his children and has supported the local community. As a local, he not only knows the best places to eat but also knows secret spots that he likes to take his children to that only locals know about.

As he is a local he is well versed in how the pests move around in our community and knows all the hiding spaces that they like to hide in.

Pest Control Kellyville technician

Unlike other pest control companies when you call up your details are taken and then a sales person rings you back. These sales people are well versed in how to sell you a treatment and sometimes don’t fully understand the pests situation that you are facing.

The first time you will talk to or see a technician is when they are doing the job.

This is where Jim’s Pest Control Kellyville is completely different. When you make an enquiry we will take you contact details and then get you local technician to call and talk to you directly.

They will discuss what pest issues you are having and as they live in the local Kellyville community they will have an invaluable knowledge of how the pests behave.

You will then be pleasantly surprised to find out that the exact technician that you talked to will be the same person that comes out to perform you pest service.

Clients love this fact that it is the same person that they spoke to and that they do not have to explain every time to every new person their pest issues.

Training second to none

We have a wide range of cultures making up the Bankstown community. These cultures bring different ways of preparing and cooking food. Unfortunately, some of these practices have been a windfall for pests.

Greasy kitchens and poor hygiene have resulted in an explosion of pests like cockroaches and ants. They thrive in this environment and the amply food supply means they breed up in vast numbers.

Often, we get phone calls from distressed locals that can no longer ignore the problem. They have tried to combat the pests themselves at great expense, with little success.

They are relieved, when they engage our services, we can get the pests quickly under control. Many comment that they should have call us sooner.

Local Pest Technician

Jim’s Termite & Pest Control – Kellyville NSW 2155

Working in the Kellyville regions of:

  • Annangrove
  • Kenthurst
  • Dural
  • Glenhaven
  • Castle Hill
  • Baulkham Hills
  • Bella Vista
  • Kings Langley
  • Blacktown
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