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Blacktown is the largest suburb in Sydney. Residents have one of the most diverse backgrounds in the whole of New South Wales.

We have a large shopping precinct in the area which gives us ample eating options. To the North we have large warehouses which employ Blacktown residents. To the West we have the Showgrounds at which lots of events are held.

People are attracted to this area for these reasons, but it attracts pests as well.

The large number of restaurants and takeaway places in the area can prove a bonanza for pests. Overflowing rubbish bins provide a smorgasbord of food for them to enjoy.

This has led to pests like cockroaches, ants and rats being quite prevalent in the area.

Jim’s Pest Control Blacktown knows where pests hide

Our Jim’s Pest Control Bankstown technician live and work locally. They have firsthand knowledge of where the pests are likely to be hiding in the area.

The knowledge that when land is cleared for new houses that certain pests will be displaced, has proven crucial in treatments.

Land clearing often destroys homes for pests like termites, ants, possums and spiders. When they become exposed, they will quickly seek shelter. Most pests will simply move quickly into nearby houses and businesses.

Termites on the other hand will simple go further underground and wait for new opportunities. This will come in the form of a new house with lots of yummy timber. Even extensions or granny flats are not safe from these house devouring pests.

As our technicians have been treating these pests for years in Blacktown. We know exactly where they are hiding and where they will attack from.

Western suburbs climate helps pests

Unlike the Eastern suburbs of Sydney, the western suburb climate around Blacktown is well suited to pests. We have mild winters and are often a few degrees warmer than Sydney CBD.

The warmer weather enables pests to survive the winter with out much trouble. On warm days they can quickly move from house to house.

Warmth and the ample food on offer, allows them to breed up in significant numbers.

In fact, in the summer months, homes and businesses can be overrun by pest like cockroaches.

One or two cockroaches will turn into an infestation

Many people see one or two cockroaches in the night and think nothing of it.

Did you know that cockroaches can lay an egg that can have up to 32 youngsters in it?

These youngsters will hatch in 14 days and within another 14 days they will be ready to breed themselves.

So, if you do the maths you will soon realise that one or two cockroaches can turn into thousands within a few short months.

Therefore, when you see one you should deal with it promptly. Clients are quite often shocked at how many cockroaches they have when the local Jim’s Pest Control technicians comes to investigate.

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