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Urgent calls for a possum catcher

Due to the large populations of possums in Sydney, Jim’s Pest Control get regular phone calls. Often these phone calls are just after dark when the possums are most active.

Clients report hearing large noises coming from their roof voids. Often it is so loud that it is mistaken for someone trying to break in.

It is quite distressing for residents when they hear these noises.

Possum proofing of entrance holes is a must

The success to any possum removal will depend on the entrance points being sealed up. Possums can enter a roof void through a hole the size of your fist.

When capturing a possum, your local technician is licensed and permitted to hold the possum for 24 hours. They must then release the possum within 50 meters of where it was caught. In this time the entrance points must be sealed up to prevent re-entry.

As the possum has had a bad experience being caught, they will associate your roof. They are unlikely to want to go back in there. If they discover their entrance points have been sealed up, they rarely try to enter.

This process is why Jim’s Pest Control is so successful at removing problem possums.

Possums versus rats

Possums size makes them very scary for rats. They have sharp teeth and hissing, or growling noises make rats very afraid of them.

For this reason, when you have possums in your roof, you are likely not to have rats. However, when the possum is removed, often rats will move in.

Your local pest tech understands this and regularly places rodent baits when a possum has been removed. These baits are placed in lockable bait stations that only rats and mice can access.

If you are worried about rats invading after the possums have been evicted, please mention this to your local technician.

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