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Coming across a funnel web spider can be a very scary experience. It is well known how toxic the venom is from the Sydney funnel web spider.

What is not commonly known is that they cannot climb glass or plastic. This is a weakness that allows for easy capture.

These spiders are a ground dwelling. Thus, they will build a funnel in soft ground and rarely emerge.

New South Wales residents are likely to come across these spiders when it rains.

The funnels will tend to flood in times of heavy downpours. At this time, they will seek a dry place to wait out the rains.

how to get rid of funnel web spiders

How to get rid of funnel web spiders yourself

Trying to get rid of funnel web spiders yourself can be a daunting task. It is important if you decide to tackle it that you go in noticeably confident.

We have all seen those videos where a less confident person trying to capture a spider. There fear makes them hesitate and the spider normally pounces.

As crazy as it sounds you are better to try to capture the spider and move it on, rather than kill it. In New South Wales there are various facilities that will take your live spider.

They need these spiders to milk and develop antivenom to save people’s lives.

To capture these spiders is relatively simple. Remember that they cannot climb plastic or glass. It is as simple as putting a large glass or plastic container on the ground and herding the spider into it.

Why are they attracted to my yard?

Sydney funnel web spiders are attracted to your yard for the same reason that drives every pest. Food and shelter are the main reasons.

If you remove one of these reasons it will be less likely that they will be attracted to your yard.

Removing food sources can be a simple as removing other pests that you have in your garden. Keeping cockroaches and other bugs under control is the key to this success.

Your local Jim’s Pest Control technician can help to keep these pest numbers under control.

Having mulch on the ground provides the ideal shelter for these spiders. Changing this over for pebbles or rocks will reduce the hiding places they have.

How do I prevent them from living in my garden?

The best way of preventing these spiders from living in your garden is to keep your pests under control. Having an annual general pest spray will keep the insect numbers down.

Your local pest technician will even be able to put in place a perimeter chemical barrier that will discourage them. This works by the fact that the chemicals have some repellent qualities. By that we mean that insects can sense they are there and will avoid the area.


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