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Ants can be very invasive at times and they seem to come from nowhere. Once they find a supply of food, they will swarm to area to harvest as much as they can.

It is usually quite easy to work out where the nests are located. All you need to do is to follow the ones carrying the food. Once they have a piece of food they will go directly back to the nest.

In some cases, however the nests maybe located in the walls of a house. These can be difficult to treat as access to the nest will be limited.

This is where a local expert like Jim’s Pest Control will need to be called.

Ant Control - use a local ant exterminator

DYI ant infestation treatments do not work

The problem with most DYI products on the market is that they use repellent chemicals. By this we mean that the pests can smell or sense that the danger is there. They will then typically avoid this area.

With ants, they will simply work out a different path to the food source.

Your local Jim’s Pest Control Sydney technicians commonly hear stories about treatment avoidance. Clients are often saying that I sprayed this area only to find them pop up somewhere else.

Our technicians will use non repellent products that the ants can’t sense. It results in us getting very quick control of these pesky little creatures.

Ants travel along a marked, safe path

Ants have very finely tuned sensors. They use these sensors to find food and avoid danger.

Have you ever wondered why ants travel in a straight line, down the same path?

Pheromones are the reason why. Ants will lay pheromones on the path that is safe to travel to a food source.

If you want to confuse ants, simply place something across their trail. As pheromones are not present on the object, they will not know what to do when they get to it. It will cause a traffic jam, similar to what you see on Sydney’s roads every day.

The only time they do not use this path is when they are scouting for food.

Protein or sugar, knowing what they are feeding on

Did you know that ants will feed on either protein or sugar?

Ants will sometimes only prefer one of these. Other ants will change their diets with the season depending what is on offer.

It is extremely important to understand this. If you provide a bait that is not what they are looking for they will simply ignore it. This is another reason why treatments fail.

Even the freshness of bait and moisture content will affect the way they feed.

Our Jim’s Pest Control Sydney technicians have been trained specifically on how to identify species of ants. They have the latest, most up to date products in their arsenal that ants can’t resist.

This results in us getting ant infestation under control in days.


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